Gm Application ^^

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Gm Application ^^

Post  avesalom on Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:09 am

well...let's start... tongue

1.Real Life Name:

2.Where you live at:

3.Where you born at:

4.Lineage2 experience:
playing since c1...mostly in low rate servers(x1-x15)but i also had tried and PvP servers..
5.Lineage2 Gm experience:
i've been through the GM place 3 complains about my actions as a GM.
6.Name of the previous servers you have been Gm on:
1:L2 Xtreme (x10 rates)
2:L2 Immortal(x35 rates)
3:L2 Succubus(x200 but not a big was my friend's server..and went to help him)

19(exact date 29/5/1988)

8.Sex (Male/Female):

9.Tell us why should we choose you to be a gm on our server:
well...because i'm very creative(for events),i have great knowledge of the game(we can test it if u would like)i speak good enough english,i love talking and help people who have any kind of problems and finally because of my previous "duties"as a GM and as a player... Rolling Eyes

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