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Post  doombom on Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:54 pm

1.Real Life Name:Dominic

2.Where you live at: Alberta Canada

3.Where you born at: Germany Live in canada

4.Lineage2 experience: Was A Closed beta tester for lineage 2. then played open beta and been playing retail L2 since. I'm atm Leader of Lr clan on erica server.

5.Lineage2 Gm experience:I was a GM on 3 servers as follows. DwarfWar highrate 1200x Was gm there for 1year until we shut down.
l2 Extreme was a gm there for the first year until i moved. and decided to step down.
L2 kitkat highrate pvp server 5000x was gm there for 7 months until we shut down.

6.Name of the previous servers you have been Gm on:opps answered that in the above question.
L2 KitKat


8.Sex (Male/Female):male

9.Tell us why should we choose you to be a gm on our server:I have High experiance in lineage2 leader and all. as i stated before i was a closed and open beta tester and still play retail. i've been a neutral Gm for a combined total of 2.8years. I run a website and forums and ventrilo aswell.

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