For Gm Application

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For Gm Application

Post  Pirateking on Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:18 am

1.Real Life Name:Apostolos

2.Where you Live At: Greece

3.Where you Born At: Thessaloniki

4.Lineage2 Experiance: From C1 chronicle In almost every good server till c6... I can name the servers by request. Also Playing in official 1,5 year from c5 to c6.

5.Lineage2 Gm Experiance: Have been gm to 3 servers 400-500 ppl each. Low rate.

6.Name of the Privious Servers you have been Gm on: L2 Lancer, L2 Nexus, The Enclave

7.Age: 20

8.Sex (Male/Female):Male

9.Tell us why should we choose you to be a gm on our server: I was looking for a new Server who want Gms, I heard about you from a friend and thought that was a good idea to let you know i am interested.
I like talking with ppl , i can speak very good english, francais, greek and a little japanese( enough to communicate).

I will spent many hours online and help everyone however i can.(always legally)

If the Gm's Recruitement is over and i was too late plz consider me in the future .
Thank you

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