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GM application

Post  Guest on Thu Nov 22, 2007 7:06 pm


2.Europe, Bucharest, Romania

3.December 01 1989 city Ploiesti, Romania

4.2 -2.5 years gamer experience on some known servers... i can name on request

5.2 months

6.Name of the Privious Servers you have been Gm on:
L2 Elemens - name Ice
L2 Radiances - name Torque

7.18 years w/o a few days


9. Reasons why i should be recruited as Gm :
#1. Advanced gameplay experience
#2. Advanced level of english talk and writing
#3. Im student and i have enough time to be active ( at least 3 h /day weektime and 5-6 hours/day weekends)
#4. Comunicative
#5. Im always opened for sugestions and to learn new things that i have no info about
#6. I speak several languages including english, spanish, romanian in a high lvl and french, german and italian, on low conversation level
#7. I enjoy hosting events and appling rules and punishments to those who dont respect the rules
#8. I have the sence of responsability, and i usually fulfill all the tasks that i am given, if its in my possibility range
#9. I can be contacted verry easy due to the reason that i use several email account tipes (gmail, yahoo, msn) and i use communication programs like ventrilo and irc
#10. I had no complains untill now as forum moderator and game master.

p.s. im looking for gm position on the high rate server, but im open as low rate gm too
i can name reasons on requests


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