Scamming... How to know?

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Scamming... How to know?

Post  [Dev]Luke on Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:59 am

Hi all,

from now on if someone asks you as "GM" for your account details or to give you items you will find out that he is a real gm only if you see this:
Every Gm/HighGm/Dev will have [GM]/[HighGm]/[Dev] Infront of his nick name.
Also if you are not sure you can ask gm to teleport you to Gm-Room (The Jail)
that way you will see if its the real Gm.
Also a Gm/HighGm/Dev/TrainedGm Must Be In The Gm Clan/Ally.

If someone say to you he is a gm and ask you for your password or name or eny other thing make a ScreenShot and post it on the forum.

L2eXoDoCy GM team will NOT be held responsable for trade scams! All trades are player responsability and you should be checking to make sure you are getting the correct items!

L2eXoDoCy Developers.

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