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Post  AngeL on Tue Dec 23, 2008 5:03 am

If You Want Help With Your Servers Just Add Me On My MSN. (Take It From My profile Here.)

Copy From Old Forum.

1.Real Life Name: Jim

2.Where you live at: Athens. Greece.

3.Where you born at: Athens. Greece.

4.Lineage2 experience: 6 Years

5.Lineage2 Gm experience: 1 Year GM, 2 Years Admin.

6.Name of the previous servers you have been Gm on: L2Friends(Admin), NetEnter(HGM), L2Athebaldt (Admin), L2Vortex (GM).

7.Age: 19

8.Sex (Male/Female): Male

9.Tell us why should we choose you to be a gm on our server:
Cause I Have Big Experience From Gm And From Admin, I know All Commands, I have My Own Custom Events, I Can Stay Online More Than 7 Hours.

Ps. I Know Very Good The Ucoz System (Html Codes, Visual Html etc) And I Working On It More Than 5 Months. ;P

I Can Stay Online All The Time On Forum For Help Etc. (Love Forums).

Gm Requirements:

1.You must read the GM rules.

2.You must speak and understand basic english language.

3.You must have a active regisred account on the forum/server.

4.You must be online at least more then 3 hours in a day.

5.You must understand that the Developers are very very busy and you should not ask them basic GM questions.
(Only in emergency time).

6.You must fill up the blank i posted upper.


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